Fujitsu fi-800R Color Duplex Document Scanner

Fujitsu fi-800R Color Duplex Document Scanner


The fi-800R is a compact yet highly efficient document scanner capable of scanning all types of documents, including passports and IDs.

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Fujitsu fi-800R Color Duplex Document Scanner

The Fujitsu fi-800R is a compact yet highly efficient document scanner capable of scanning all types of documents including passports and IDs. It includes robust features such as reverse feeding and Active Skew Correction-an industry first! All to provide an agile and efficient scanning experience on even the most crowded of desks. Because of its U-Turn Scan and elimination of the paper exit tray, the fi-800R fits into tight spaces and eliminates the need for multiple scanning devices.

The fi-800R scans A4 portrait documents at comfortable speeds of 40 vppm/80 ipm (200/300 dpi) and makes customer onboarding easy with its compact size and versatile scanner abilities.

FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-800R features:

  • Fast 40 ppm / 80 ipm
  • 20 page ADF for batch scanning
  • Thick document scanning (up to 5mm thick) such as passports and ID cards
  • Ultra compact size – 50% to 75% smaller than competitive scanners in the category
  • Return Scan – scans and reverses flawlessly. No carrier sheet needed
  • U-Turn Scan – saves operational space as no exit tray is needed. Scanned documents return on top of the scanner
  • Active Skew Correction* – an industry first! Individual functioning rollers ensure straight pages
  • Automatic Stacking Control – documents are scanned from the top and return to the top in a smooth and neat batch
  • Face recognition – ID cards or passports scanned upside down or backwards are automatically rotated to the correct position
  • MRZ Code recognition and data extraction
  • In-box software includes PaperStream IP driver (TWAIN/TWAIN x64/ISIS), PaperStream ClickScan, WIA Driver, PaperStream Capture, Software Operation Panel, Error Recovery Guide, Scanner Central Admin


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Versatile scanning with space-saving design and stress-free usability

The fi-800R is a ultra compact scanner designed to fit in any limited space. Equipped with Dual Path Mechanism, while Return Scan enables robust passport and ID card scanning, U-turn Scan enables continuous scanning. The scanner automatically switches to the appropriate path depending on the location that documents are loaded so that mixed batches can be scanned without stopping to change scanning paths or software profile settings.

Return Scan for passports and ID cards

The Return Scan enables users to scan documents of up to 5 mm thick and complete start to finish in front of the scanner. Documents are ejected from where they were originally scanned in from, enabling users to scan and retrieve documents efficiently. Designed for reception-use, the device easily scans identification documents like passports, thick plastic cards, and folded documents, without a Carrier Sheet.

U-turn Scan for fast continuous scanning with the footprint of half A4 size

Equipped with ADF, the scanner scans A4-size documents continuously at a high speed of 40 ppm/80 ipm (color, 200 dpi/300 dpi). With U-turn Scan, documents are placed in from the top device to eject again from the top. The stacker automatically extends to provide neatly stacked output documents and returns to its original position once scanning has completed with Automatic Stacking Technology, so that users can easily start scanning their next batch. All these features enable the scanner’s space-saving design, allowing users to scan, organize and retrieve documents while multi-tasking with the other hand.

Fast, reliable, and hassle-free scanning for a better customer experience

The scanner has feeding mechanisms that ensure steady scanning eliminating the need to rescan documents. The Automatic Skew Correction, that corrects skewed documents one by one, prevents documents from jamming or a part of a scanned image from appearing missing, even when documents are roughly set.

The Active Separation structure prevents multifeed errors by applying an adjusted optimal amount of pressure to separate documents, according to the thickness or condition of a document to be scanned. It ensures steady scanning, which is perfect for a reception desk or service counter where precise scanning is required.

Advanced software improves workflow before and after scanning

The functions of PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, scanner driver and capture software for fi Series respectively, improves operators’ overall productivity, by reducing the number of operations before and after scanning.

For passport and ID card scanning, personal information such as full name, document number, nationality, contained in the MRZ* (Machine Readable Zone), can be extracted for efficient entry of customer information.

*Supports recognition of MRZ on passports and ID cards, as defined by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Passport MRZ layout is defined as two rows of 44 characters each (Doc 9303 TD3 format), and ID card MRZ layout as three rows of 30 characters (TD1 card).

The Front Side Detection function* automatically determines front and back side to organize scanned images in correct order based on the photo of a face on a passport or ID card, so that users do not have to check whether or not documents are scanned in facing upward.

With the Automatic Profile Selection function that automatically determines the best profile for a document based on pre-registered formats of specific documents, users can produce the best scanned images without sorting documents beforehand or performing multiple scans with multiple application formats.

Customize and add to existing solutions for expanded use

A compact design makes the fi-800R the perfect device to add to existing solutions. The scanner can be embedded into self-service or payment terminal kiosks in environments like hotels, hospitals, and banks to simply boost the efficiency of counter operations.

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