Xerox Color Printers

Xerox offers color printers in a variety of models to support the demand for quality color prints. If your office needs a printer that is fast, can meet large demands and help you save money, shop from our collection of color printers. You can view, compare and select from some of our best models and designs below.

Improving Your Office with a Xerox Color Printer

Color laser printers were designed to support office workflows by delivering fast speeds and detailed color prints using advanced technology. How do laser printers differ from inkjets? Inkjets spray tiny drops of ink onto paper while laser printers use the precision of a laser to melt dots of toner onto documents, reducing smudging and producing crisp prints. With a color laser printer in your office you can expect:

  • Print Quality. Color laser printing lets your business make the best presentation with eye-popping color and fine detail. Xerox color correction technology ensures results match your expectations.
  • Speed. Equipped with laser technology, these color printers can efficiently meet the print demands of any office. Depending on the model, several of our machines can print up to 70 pages per minute. With an all-in-one color laser printer, you can also perform multiple functions at the same time. Print, copy, fax and email from one device without interrupting your workflow.
  • Reliability. Laser printing offers the most affordable way to print. You can rely on quality prints with crisp, easy-to-read text for great prints, every time.
  • Savings. Laser printers require the use of toner instead of ink. Toner is a fine powder that is engineered to create clear, defined prints. Laser printer toner also lasts longer than ink, reducing the cost of supplies.
  • Connectivity. Many of our multifunction color laser printers offer Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect multiple people from various work stations to one machine.

Find the paper printing speed your office needs at Xerox. Whether you have a small home office or are looking to satisfy the needs of a large workspace, we have a color laser printer model that is right for you. Don’t let an outdated printer slow down your workflow; pick up the speed with a new color laser printer for your office.