Xerox Black and White Printers

Black-and-white printers, also known as monochrome printers, are a simple solution to complex projects. Whether you only print a few pages per day or tens of thousands of pages per month, our robust machines can handle any project. Use this page to compare models, view current instant rebate offers, and read customer reviews.

Benefits of Xerox Black and White Printers

Depending on the model, your black-and-white laser printer may:

  • Print up to 65 pages per minute
  • Connect as many as 20 users to your system
  • Produce 25,000 pages per month

Our high-performing black-and-white printers offer more than increased productivity – many of them also afford:

  • Money-Saving Technology. No matter which black-and-white printer you choose, enjoy automatic two-sided printing and cost -savings by reducing the number of pages you use. In addition, features like Toner Save mode will use less toner per page, extending the lifespan of your machine while also reducing costs.
  • Energy Efficiency. Many of our monochrome laser printers are automatically programmed to save you electricity and money. With Power Save mode, your machine will automatically reduce power consumption when not in use for an extended period of time. The Earth Smart print driver also can help reduce the amount of energy and materials used.
  • Peace of Mind. There’s a reason why so many people trust our monochrome printers. With features like Secure Print, users must enter the correct pin in order to use the machine. IP Filtering can also help restrict print access to certain IP addresses, keeping control in the right hands and on the right devices. Other available technology, like SNMPv3 and IPsec protocols, can also help to prevent unwarranted connections to your machine.

Whether you need to print confidential documents or large volume products, our black-and-white printers offer security and money-saving technology. If you need print, copy, scan, fax, and email functions, check out our monochrome all-in-one printers instead. Or, unlock color capabilities with any of our color printers.