Irvine Office Equipment Maintenance

If you own or manage a business in the Irvine, CA area, that relies on multiple printers and scanners, you know how much of an expense your office equipment, toner cartridges, and paper can be. You also know what a pain it is when you and your staff aren’t able to print or scan. It’s almost as bad as being without the internet … Almost!

Office machines like multifunction copiers, scanners and printers are used a lot. For this reason, they are susceptible to paper jams and worn out parts. Maintaining these devices can help prevent frustrating issues that cause downtime. Testing motors, updating software, and performing routine device cleaning are all necessary steps.

It is very important to take care of your investment and schedule regular services before your printer or scanner shows signs of a problem. In our opinion, it is good practice to have your laser printers and scanners serviced every year by Evrex in the Irvine area, even when nothing is wrong with them.

Evrex offers service for your Healthcare MFP Communications Solutions, Microfilm Equipment, Scanners and Laser Printers. We provide coverage for major brands such as Konica Minolta, Kodak, Canon, Fujitsu, Xerox and Alos.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records (EHR) are taking the place of paper documents for recording and retrieving patient medical information. Using a tablet or notebook computer, providers in the Irvine area can look up a patient’s complete medical history in an instant, see test results, procedures and prescriptions, look at x-rays and medical imaging, enter exam notes, order tests, imaging or prescriptions, and request/confirm authorizations and referrals. EHRs promise to improve healthcare and hold down costs through better coordination of care and eliminating duplicate tests and procedures.

But there’s a rub. There’s still a lot of paper arriving into healthcare providers’ offices in Irvine every day.

  • Documents arrive when patients come for office visits or when other providers send info by fax or mail.
  • These documents must be scanned to the provider’s EHR system, often a multi-step process that requires optical character recognition, then individually navigating and categorizing patient files. This is a complex, error-prone process.
  • When patient information needs to be shared with other providers, it’s often sent by trouble-prone, insecure fax.

Most importantly, EHRs must meet strict HIPAA standards for confidentiality.

Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0 is the Simple Solution

The Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0 solves these problems for the providers in the Irvine area, using secure, HIPAA-compliant software and the Kno2™ communication backbone that allows users to:

  • Identify the patient based on name, date of birth, or patient ID.
  • Store patient documents securely in the provider’s EHR system.
  • Securely share protected medical information (PHI) with other healthcare providers.

Irvine Healthcare MFP