Why choose Evrex?

Evrex, a California Corporation is, since 1983 offering innovative solutions in document management. Our goal is to make our customer’s work more efficient and streamline. In todays complex and hectic business environment Evrex strongly believes that the role of a technology partner is to offer its customers useful and less complex solutions in their work environment.

One of the big challenges for medical practitioners is how to securely communicate with other healthcare providers. By employing our direct secure message app in a Xerox MFP, it gives you the choice to use direct secure messaging to communicate or if you are still using fax currently you can keep using it till you are ready to migrate towards direct secure messaging.

Your investment in the new Xerox Healthcare MFP would not be lost. We also offer the only cloud faxing service designed for healthcare. It will work with your EHR, it is Secure and Encrypted, HIPPA compliant and highly competitively priced.

Evrex offers you several options to communicate securely. The path to Interoperability allows you to start anywhere. Your path is determined by you, at your discretion and on your time.

Evrex and the Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0 is the Simple Solution

The Xerox Healthcare MFP solution 2.0 solves these problems using secure, HIPAA-compliant software and the Kno2™ communication backbone that allows users to:

  1. Identify the patient based on name, date of birth, or patient ID.
  2. Store patient documents securely in the provider’s EHR system.
  3. Securely share protected medical information (PHI) with other healthcare providers.

Evrex and Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution

The Multi Function printers from HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Ricoh, Kyocera  and other brands do not offer Direct Secure Messaging.  If you are currently using their multifunction printers please contact us so that we can show you the real benefit to you and your organization by making the change.  

We can arrange a free short webinar to show you how our Direct secure messaging will enhance your productivity immensely.

The Kno2 Connected Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution is an innovative printer solution specifically engineered for healthcare printing.

Composed of an Xerox® Share Patient Information App and Kno2 connection, it provides an on-ramp from your MFP to EHR systems, allowing you to securely share and store patient information digitally and appropriately coordinate care to reduce costs and improve your patient experience.

Key Features

Scan, copy, print and fax. Everything you expect from an MFP is included, but better. And that’s not all you get with the Xerox® Healthcare MFP as an all-in-one healthcare printing solution.

  • Share patient information in a secure and efficient manner with Kno2 Fax for Healthcare and the Xerox® Share Patient Information App.
  • Exchange data securely in a variety of manners to meet your needs with Kno2’s interoperability services, including the use of direct addressing.
  • Scan files to 100’s of EHR systems, right from the Xerox MFP.
  • Select recipients from the SureScripts National Directory of healthcare providers.
  • Transform paper into instantly usable, relevant and structured clinical documentation.