Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution

As a healthcare provider, you’re expected to protect patient information, maintain strict compliance with HIPAA regulations and deliver better experiences for an ever-changing patient population. The challenges of modern medicine demand more sophisticated solutions than traditional fax and paper processes.

The Kno2 Connected™ Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution is an innovative printer solution specifically engineered for healthcare. Composed of an MFP, the Xerox® Share Patient Information App and Kno2 connection, it connects with EHR systems which allows you to securely share and store patient information digitally and appropriately coordinate care to reduce costs and improve your patient experience.

The Xerox MPF Solution is an innovative printer solution specifically engineered for healthcare printing. Composed of an MFP, the Xerox® Share Patient Information App and Kno2 Healthcare Communication connection, it provides an on-ramp from your MFP to EHR systems, allowing you to securely share and store patient information digitally and appropriately coordinate care to reduce costs and improve your patient experience.

Key Features

Scan, copy, print and fax. Everything you expect from an MFP is included, but better. And that’s not all you get with the Xerox® Healthcare MFP as an all-in-one healthcare communications printing solution.

  • Share patient information in a secure and efficient manner with Kno2 Fax for Healthcare and the Xerox® Share Patient Information App.
  • Exchange data securely in a variety of manners to meet your needs with Kno2’s interoperability services, including the use of direct addressing.
  • Scan files to 100’s of EHR systems, right from the Xerox MFP.
  • Select recipients from the SureScripts National Directory of healthcare providers.
  • Transform paper into instantly usable, relevant and structured clinical documentation.

Healthcare Industry Communications Solutions to Better Serve Patients

In good times and in bad, healthcare providers must constantly balance the duties of compassionate patient care with the requirements of basic administrative tasks. The pressures placed on caregivers by the COVID-19 pandemic heightens the need for hospitals and other healthcare providers to make sure their systems are robust and adaptable, so that employees can swiftly process high volumes of critical information for disease testing, patient admissions and communications, and claims processing.

A longtime partner to customers in the healthcare space, Evrex is here to help.

Designed for Healthcare

The system optimizes the flow of information to and from the patient chart, including easy assignment to the patient, visit or order with tasking for provider review for integrated EHRs.

The system assists providers with their transition to electronic forms of exchange, smoothing out care coordination workflows and reducing administrative expenses.

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Evrex office products and solutions, from multifunction printers (MFPs) to software applications, are designed to enhance your team’s productivity by making tasks that were once burdensome easy. If your next step is choosing a new printer, check out our office products today.

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Evrex is a Document Management Solution Provider based in Southern California since 1983.  We have capabilities to serve customers throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.  Although we are partners with Canon, Dell, Fujitsu, Kodak, Lenovo and Xerox yet we bring a unique perspective to our customers.  We are customer centric and vendor neutral business.

What it means to you? Is that we look out for your interest only. We believe that our success depends upon our customer’s total satisfaction with our products and the level of our service. We only bring you useful technology which can benefit you. If you are the market for new multifunction printers which can print, make copies and send faxes you should consider Xerox Healthcare Printers which are designed for your industry together with Kno2.

It will enable you to connect millions of healthcare providers and the capability to send, receive, find patient information.

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