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About Kno2

Kno2 is empowering healthcare technology vendors to finally realize the potential of true interoperability by unleashing connectivity everywhere, bringing patients and caregivers together. Through simple to use APIs, industry disrupting economics and our passion to include the underserved, Kno2 is democratizing healthcare communications and is defining the new connected future of healthcare.

At Evrex we know in every community there are providers that already have the capability to share patient information electronically and Kno2 enables visibility to the providers with an opportunity to connect. Success is achieved when the community is connected and Kno2 believes in interoperability for everyone – with this mindset the outcome is inevitable.

Kno2 is aiding health systems, ACO’s and HIE’s with the ability to connect and share data throughout the healthcare continuum in the communities they serve. We are uniquely positioned to enable interoperability community-wide through our partners, our tools and real life tested processes.

Kno2 is committed to eliminating fax from healthcare and a connected community is an effective path to interoperability. With your influence and our program, we can quickly change the landscape of connectivity in your local community.